About Us

Our Mission

Creating one of a kind designs that reflect your passion and personality

How we got started

2015 was a tough year.  We were living in a new state for my wife’s nursing school.  With limited jobs available, my 15 year career working with Autistic children was coming to an end.  I couldn’t even find a job in my former field of driving hazmat/tank trucks.  So I decided to start my own business….

In retrospect it was kind of a crazy idea (given my lack of business experience), but the great thing is that the areas I did excel in formed the foundation of My Shinies—exceptional communication, awesome customer service, and of course the grinding mentality of a tank truck driver (what’s a sick day?!) that really jumpstarted my new journey.

My Shinies goal has always been to provide unique gifts that reflect the things you love most, create designs that bring a sparkle to your eyes and some excitement to your voice…but it was tough at first.  I struggled with our product selection until one day when I was fishing with my family out on a lake in rural Virginia I got some great advice.  My brother suggested also designing outdoor rings, since fishing and the outdoors is what I am passionate about.  Here I am four years later still doing what I love! 

Behind the name

My Shinies is not just about shiny objects, but about the shine you exude when talking about the things you love (though our products may get your friends and family talking about your ring)!  Whether it is your line of work, a hobby, a loved one, or even a motto, we love creating designs that are an extension of your personality.